Is Trudeau’s climate plan a recession?

The more I listen to federal Liberal politicians talking about climate change, the more worried I become.

Federal Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, for example, in her calls for a national carbon price to lower industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change, doesn’t seem to be aware of two key issues.

The first is that any province imposing a cap-and-trade scheme on emissions — such as Ontario — doesn’t know what its carbon price will be.

The second is that any province imposing a carbon tax — such as Alberta — doesn’t now how much it will lower emissions, if at all.

  • Ron MacDonald

    What George Soros wants, George Soros gets.

  • CodexCoder

    To a post-modern liberal, having the correct narrative and posing as virtuous is everything. They don’t think about the consequences because reality means nothing to them until they experience it firsthand. And since our elites are so isolated from reality, they make decisions without regard to consequences to others.

    This is what happens when you eliminate personal responsibility and resulting privileges and corporate ideals in favor of personal rights, entitlement and personal ideals – when the good for the one outweighs the good for the many. They are still responsible for the outcome, but don’t care because it doesn’t affect them.

  • robins111

    So in summary, we get to pay a tax for a problem that doesn’t exist, that’ll do fuck all for anyone but make us poorer… that about it??

  • mauser 98
  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …the communist chinamen would rather see any remaining industry here killed off for their benefit….from small potatoes to no potatoes. Thanks, Justin. They’re even starting to weasel their way into the Ring of Fire ver.5.0 (McFauld’s Lake)….

    • Waffle

      They have for a long time now, with the help of the OG. Actually, I think it is the other way around but the Chinese are the wilier negotiators. What do you think the Polyester Princess was doing on the Chinese trip?

  • Observer

    Justin wants to be the “people’s hero” just like his late idol Hugo Chavez!

  • Oracle9

    One thing sure, Justin and Gerald Butts have never had to face the prospect of spending only on essentials, then pissing away 20% of income for already inflated energy costs, and now looking forward to this tax grab.

    Such righteous arrogance is a direct assault against the interests of those for whom he claims to represent.

  • Clausewitz

    A Liberal Green plan that invokes a recession? Seems to be working in Ontario.