What Is My Religion? I Feel Shame on My Self because am a Muslim

Once I ask a question to my Teacher (Mulla) in the Mosque, What is the difference in the Muslim and the Non-Muslim?

He Replied One who beleaves on ALLAH and prophet MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H is a Muslim and One who does not beleave on ALLAH and MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H is a Non-Muslim.

I ask Again, So what we do? How we teach the Non-Muslim?

He replied Just Kill him.

  • Dana Garcia

    “I open my eyes in a Islamic Family in a Islamic Country but in 23 years I do not know what is Islam? What is the purpose of Islam?”

    Clearly, the purpose of Islam is killing, as the mullah helpfully explained.

  • An excellent view on the reality of Islam.

    • John Boy

      And prevent the building of mosques, the conversion of churches and synagogues to mosques, and bulldoze the ones that exist!

    • Blacksmith

      If you arrest the mullah’s you are just moving the mosque to the prisons. Dead men tell no tales.

  • moraywatson

    There is no good brand of islam. NONE. They all devolve from the same narcissistic and depraved source, the prophette mohamhead.

  • That alone should convince one to join another religion.