View from the barber’s chair: in Florida even blacks and Hispanics may be turning against Hillary Clinton

A rapid safari this week through a selection of barber shops and beauty parlours in central Florida suggests Hillary Clinton may be in deeper trouble in the crucial swing state than her campaign acknowledges with her bulwark of support from minority voters showing unexpected cracks.

  • Sunshine

    Forget Florida, the state belongs to Trump. Ahead in the polls. Massive rallies. I saw Fort Myers last night, almost 12,000.

    • The Butterfly

      He needs to win Colorado or Virginia. Those are shaping up to be the two key states.

      • Clink9

        … And Washington, and Michigan!!! …… Yeeee haaaaaw!!!

      • Sunshine
      • Sunshine

        He is ahead in Colorado. I replied but link disappeared.
        Twitter Political Polls:

        • The Butterfly

          Yes, I saw the latest poll in Colorado. The others are a bit old. But there aren’t enough polls there yet. He is a bit behind in Virginia. Trump needs to win one of these two states and I think he’s got it. Hillary needs to win both.

          • GrimmCreeper

            They keep claiming he’s trailing in NC. I can’t speak for the metropolitan areas, but in the suburbs and the rural areas all you see is Trump signs. Not that any of that is shocking.

          • The Butterfly

            He will win North Carolina, Ohio, Florida and Iowa. No problem.

          • Sunshine

            It will not get better for Hillary. She now realizes she is losing many Black voters to Trump.
            I saw a very recent survey where Dems and Repubs were asked to write the word they associate best with their candidate.
            For Dems, it was ’email’ and ‘health’. EMAIL won the day.
            While Trump, it was immigration, terrorism, wall.
            Debate in six days. Will be so much fun. Many people will be focusing on her eyes, ears, hands… and she knows it.

  • mauser 98

    a friend drives truck to Florida ,Texas etc..he says everyone he meets is voting Trump.. zero for Hill

  • Spatchcocked

    Spelled Ceasar wrong.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would Mexicans vote for Hill? They got only a mini amnesty of 5 million, not the big enchilada from Obasma that he promised.

    Blacks, on the other hand, really have been screwed by the Dems, particularly the open borders.

  • robins111

    I’ll pay a $100.00 for a video of Heather Malice scratching her face off when Trump wins.