Never A Runaway Tractor When You Need One… Wynne Booed At International Plowing Match

To no one’s great surprise, Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals were booed at the International Plowing Match in Minto Tuesday.

That’s no shock.

The Liberals are wildly unpopular in rural Ontario, where sensible folk realized years ago that their Green Energy Act and failed hydro policies are ruining their businesses, their lives and their livelihoods.

Not only have folk in rural Ontario suffered from increased costs associated with electricity, they’ve had massive wind farms foisted on them — destroying the countryside with ugly turbines.

h/t DM

  • Bernie

    Serves her right. She deserved it. She has done nothing but steal peoples money and futures.

    • Chris

      What she deserves is far more serious than a sound booing! Unfortunately there is no recall or impeachment process that could send her to the political oblivion that she deserves.

  • Blacksmith

    The only benefit to these turbines is a higher level of organic fertilizer on the downwind side.

  • mauser 98

    Flip Brown will give Wynne a victory

  • mauser 98

    like a transgender bathroom at an NRA convention

  • FactsWillOut

    Rural Ontario has hated Liberals long before Premiere Strap-on came to power.

    • Alain

      It isn’t just Ontario. Rural people, I do not includes townies invading rural areas, are always very conservative. You would never find a leftist among them regardless of province or even country. When you remain connected to the natural world and all that entails, you develop a lot of “common sense” or you perish.

  • Gary

    The current crisis in Canada can be traced back to Toronto which has a huge Block of Electoral Seats that can tip the scale during an election. The city is close to becoming a majority non-Canadian background and non-White hell-hole that will look like an American hell-hole City.
    Toronto and Ontario have been slowly getting buried in debt as part of buying votes from Minority groups with fabricated Government jobs and a Diversity Policy where the Standards for Language and Skills are lowered and put lives at risk for the majority.
    The Public Sector Unions were given a huge gift by McGuinty when the refugee problem and Welfare Industrial Complex was Downloaded to Toronto and is now a CUPE pyramid scheme that needs to grow every year to employ more CUPE member which is the plan by Wynne as part of her Ponze scheme to buy Election via the 1,000,000+ Government employees.

    Stats Canada shows that the 1960’s Visible-Minority population was about 2% and is now only about 9%. But non-Whites in Welfare ghettos with Children that get fake Grade 12 Diplomas have been in Toronto for so long that they think that Toronto IS Canada . Their demands for employment equity and Diversity is NOT Canada’s Diversity but Toronto’s Diversity even when many National Corporations , or the Federal and Provincial Gov.’s , have their Bases in Toronto.
    Women are about 51% of the population while non-whites are about 9% . Yet you will never hear one word from a closet Racist/Men-hater/God hater Barbara Hall at the Human Rights Commission when some Government Offices for Services are 75% women while some Office have those 75% women with 50% Blacks.
    Yes folks, Barbara Hall is NOT against Racism or the bigotry towards religion plus Misandry to hate males. Hall has been a fraud ever since this dolt was parachuted into the HRC spot as the Head of it.
    Barbara Hall made a free-will choice to re-write the Charter and deem Muslims as a Race of people to get special protection in the Charter Of Rights that skews our Laws to favour islam in the Courts as a racism issue.
    McGuinty, Hall and the TDSB had approved a Jew-hating Homophobic misogynistic Mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school. This, when Liberals and Ms. Hall fought to get Christ OUR of the Public schools via the Education Act based on the Faith since Christians are NOT a race of people as Muslims are.
    Justin and Wynne don’t give a damn that 91% of the population are NOT a Visibility-Minority while 84% of the Population still lists their faith as Christians . Toronto is where the votes are and Muslims will keep getting Mosques in public school while non-whites will get 50% of the jobs in Toronto which will one day be 90% of the jobs in Toronto even if the STATS-CAN evidence show the Vis-Min’s to rise just to 13% of Canada’s population.

    Once the money runs out and Liberals can’t buy-off the ignorant peons , there will be massive riots in Toronto along with a suicide crisis for Public employees once they come out of their Fog and see how the Union bosses saw them as useful-idiots in the Ponze scheme and see how their Gold-Plated pension promise for huge bags , after 25 years service, of money was a big LIE by all 3 Levels of treasonous weasel in Politics.

    Justin is heading to a $800,000,000,000.00 Debt while Wynne is racing to a $500,000,000,000.00 debt as part of their Election fraud to buy the next Election .