Mark Steyn: ‘The More Muslims You Have, the More Terrorism You Have’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” commentator Mark Steyn recounted his recent visit to Europe where he examined those that have had their lives impacted directly by Islamic terrorism.

Steyn agreed with earlier comments from host Bill O’Reilly that the migrants were not the problem and that it was jihadist that were. However, there was a correlation between a country’s Muslim population and how much terrorism takes place within its borders.

  • bob e

    ‘the migrants are not the problem’ ?? no .. it’s really the
    1.5 billion muslim killers that inhabit the planet ..

    • Zaba

      Purportedly 1.2 Billion

  • Jay Currie

    Nice to see Mark back!

    There certainly seems to be a correlation. But the pernicious effects of large scale Muslim immigration go well beyond terrorism. At a certain level you get ghettos and no go zones. Your rape statistics go up. Public discourse is first channeled and then silenced. Bloc voting ensues.

    Keep Muslim immigration low and none of this happens. Allow more than a trickle and any Western society becomes eroded.

    And here is the point: with the robot revolution around the corner, the last thing we need are more people of any sort. However, we particularly don’t need a lot of low skill, low education people who come from incompatible cultures and whose religion explicitly rejects integration much less assimilation.

    So why are we letting them in?

    I can see a humanitarian reason for a few, well vetted, Syrian refugees but with the fact we expect them to go back as soon as Syria is safe stated right up front. But we simply have no need for Somali or Afghani or Pakistani immigrants unless they have very specific skill sets.

    • Jim Horne

      Well stated.

    • terrence22

      If all these do-gooders in favor of importing all these “refugees” should clean up the source of the problem (the hell-hole called “Syria”) and NOT the symptom of the problem – the so-called “refugees”.

      • Blacksmith

        I disagree in the sense of the scope you mention. Syria is only a small part of the problem.

        • terrence22

          That is true; but I almost never here about “refugees” from other mooslime hell-holes. I do not not pay much attention to the Slime Stream Media, but when I do, I only hear about so-called “refugees” from Syria

          • Zaba

            so-called “refugees” from “Syria”

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The politicians who let them in are protected by bodyguards and don’t give a shit about the safety of us deplorables.

    • Blacksmith


    • Clausewitz

      The reason I like Mark Steyn so much is his ability to get directly to the unassailable truth. When Limbaugh hangs up his mic I hope Steyn takes over.

      • Zaba

        He fills in for Rush now and then as he did last Friday.

        • Clausewitz

          Yep, I never miss him if I find out he’s subbing in on EIB.

          • Zaba

            is there a way to find out ahead of time?

    • Zaba

      So why are we letting them in?
      Ban islam!

  • john700

    I am glad that Mark is back, in good health and spirits.

  • Blacksmith

    I hate it when they phrase it so that it can be taken several ways. On the face of it the statement is ‘migrants are not the problem’ is partially true. Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Yazidi, and other non violent migrants are not the problem. Pisslamist migrants are. No Islam, Know peace.

  • Maggat

    Mark Steyn” remark on the O’Reilly show was spot on, the more salt you add to water the saltier the water gets.

  • Zaba

    I love Mark Steyn!
    Post more clips when you can!