Liberal Party to reward crony capitalist pals with Temporary Foreign Workers Program scam

House of Commons committee urges reform for temporary foreign-worker program

“Joyce Reynolds, executive vice-president for Restaurants Canada, a lobby group that opposed changes to the program made under the Conservatives, said she was pleased with the recommendations. “We felt that the previous government overreacted in terms of the reforms and that the pendulum swung far too far and this committee is finding the important middle ground in terms of meeting the needs of Canadians and employers and foreign workers,” she said.

In contrast, Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan is furious with the recommendations. He said he believes that the Liberals misled voters by promising a review of the program “with the clear implication that the goal would be to rein in and roll back the program.”

“What we’re seeing with this report is a government intent on making it easier for employers to access guest workers from abroad. From my perspective, this is the worst kind of political bait and switch,” he said.

Mr. McGowan said several of the recommendations remove or limit the requirements for employers to prove that they would look for Canadian workers first.”

The Liberal party of Canada – working to suppress wages by population replacement.

This has nothing to do with your economic well being or boosting overall economic health.

The Liberals will lipstick this pig with “human rights concerns” for foreign workers and call you a racist if you object to their scam, just know that it’s a lie to cover the personal enrichment of their buddies at your expense.

Pay attention to the Alberta Federation of Labour, they put in a yeoman like effort exposing the Temporary Foreign Workers Program scam when this story first broke.

  • BillyHW

    I’m so glad our government is working hard to meet the needs of foreign workers.

  • Jim Horne


    Rep. Michael McCaul (R) details his new counterterror strategy plan

    Meanwhile PM Trudeau, his Public Safety Minister, Goodale and the other members of the Liberal Party are doing what to protect us? And just where the hell is the media on this (Globe, Star, NP, CBC etc.)? Does no one in the media ask pertinent questions about the security afforded to Canadians? Or, are Canadians just to accept terror attacks as the new normal?

    • Bernie

      The first duty of Federal and Provincial Liberal Government is to line their pockets as best they can . I see no evidence of any of these Governments doing anything to protect Canada and its peoples.

      • Jim Horne

        Sad but true to a large extent. Corruption has not just crept in to our political system, it in the new normal. This is not unlike the elites in the government and media telling us terror attacks are the new normal. It’s BS and we shouldn’t accept it.

        How about people first become better informed, second by a membership in a political party, third go out to local riding meetings and fourth select a candidate who has the cojones to say what he/she means and represent the people who elect them to office.

        Sadly, we are getting the government we not only deserve but we are getting the government we allowed to dupe us at every turn.

    • They are globalist pigs. Expect nothing but misery from them.,

  • richfisher

    “From my perspective, this is the worst kind of political bait and switch,” he said.”

    Hahahahahahaha, Ya you’d have to be freaking Kresgin to see through the genius of the incredibly diabolical plan they had in store for us back before the election.

    Have they started humping the boatloads of third world stripper / sex slaves over the borders again so the media can totally ignore it again?

  • Because that is what Liberals do.

  • canminuteman

    Right now, Calgary has a 9 percent unemployment rate. There is absolutely no need for foreign workers or immigrants to be coming to Canada.

  • Bataviawillem

    I want to see these temporary workers brought in to be government workers, teachers, cops, fireman and the like.
    I am pretty sure that it will end in a heart beat.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    The Liberals don’t do so well in donations from the individual, so they goo where the money is. Business.