Eastern Europe: The Last Barrier between Christianity and Islam

Since the fall of Constantinople in 1453, much of Eastern Europe’s Christian population spent centuries under Islamic occupation, particularly under the Ottomans. It now seems that the clock has reverted to 1683, when Ottoman armies were at the gates of Vienna.

  • bob e

    Awesome picture of ‘winged hussars’ ..
    seems we are hearing the drum beat constantly.
    it’s gonna’ be bloody either way .. so when the hour is at hand
    let’s die hard as we can ..

  • Martin B

    Note the belt from Estonia to Romania where the Muzz are still only 0.1 to 0.3% of the population, the closest thing to an Islam-free zone in the entire Western world. They need to keep them out at any cost, no matter how much Mutti Merkel insists otherwise.

  • Dana Garcia

    Having lived under Ottoman tyranny, Eastern Europeans have no silly fantasies about imaginary multiculturalism. Muslims aren’t holding hands; they are cutting them off.


  • bargogx1
    • terrence22

      Thanks for posting the link – who knew; NOT ME! Good for her.

  • LittleRed1

    “Paging Eugen von Savoy, Prince Eugen von Savoy, please pick up the closest red emergency call phone. Will Prince Eugen von Savoy please . . .”

    Somewhere the ghosts of Charles of Lorraine, Eugen von Savoy, and Jan Sobieski are shaking their heads and wondering what the *&$% happened.