Canada: Islamist Views in Ontario Schools

The government of Canada has been calling for greater work towards identifying the causes of extremism and radicalization in Canada. In an August 2016 statement, Public Safety MinisterRalph Goodale stated that, “We need to know how to identify those who could be vulnerable to insidious influences that draw certain people — especially young people — toward extremism leading to violence.”

One source of extremism is clearly in educational institutions. If the government of Canada is truly serious about attacking extremism in Canada, then having a national level investigation into educational institutions would be a good place to start.

h/t Marvin

  • Alain

    No need to look when it is looking you straight in the eye and giving you the finger at the same time. The primary cause is Islam and there is a secondary cause of extremism and radicalisation which is neo-marxism. The second one comes in many different outfits ranging from eco-fascists to Occupy and BLM. There is really a marriage between the two, as clearly demonstrated by the present government.

    • The fish rots from the head down, our government is complicit.

    • It is no accident that ANY leftist ideology, including Islamism, works its way into the classroom. If parents stopped treating schools as baby-minding centres, something might be done about this.

  • ismiselemeas

    Stop looking as islam as a religion and start treating it as a cult. Would you allow a cult in your school?

  • Scaramouche

    The article reads like something out of Houellbeq’s book Submission (which is billed as satire, but which posits a future that seems entirely possible).

  • Remember – Christmas pageants are epitomes of white privilege and banning them saves any number of triggering moments.

  • mauser 98
  • Yo Mama

    I saw a post last year that some Social Studies teacher at York Memorial Collegiate in Toronto had a day where she expected all of her female students to wear a hijab to school for the day including the teacher who is not Muslim.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Many may note; Goodale along with his fearless leader: Is not the brightest bulb on the tree. He just babbles away and thinks were listening.
    My sister believes islam is a religion of peace.I asked her to read some of thier manifesto. She answered, I know some, they are very nice people! What can you say or do?