3 Poisoned Skittles: Brother & sister of terrorist Ahmad Rahami revealed to have posted jihadi messages online

Mohammad Khan Rahami and sister Aziza, well integrated Muslims…


  • Gary

    About 8 years ago I read a story where a muslim used his job at a Bakery dept. in a large Food Chain to poison those filthy Infidel shoppers by sprinkling the poison on many of the snack items .
    He was an expert in Chemistry and knew that if he killed people slowly by a chemical on the pastry that the Police and Doctors could not trace the sudden rise in deaths to him.
    But a smart Cop saw how every victim shopped at the Food Chain. So next it was to look for a common Food item that a poison could be added to. Once all the Food Plants , that package items which make it tough for someone to poison that much food , were crossed off the next area was the deli and Bakery.
    All of the pre-packages goods with the Chains name on it was crossed off which left the in-house baked goods like breads , cakes, tarts and cup cakes.

    BINGO………all of the dead ate pastry items from that store while all of the shoppers had the in-house baked goods in common like the Children Birthday cakes and party snacks like tarts and cup cakes.
    The muslim was cuffed and sent to prison for all those deaths a Murders by poison.
    The devout followers of allah and the quran’s jihad don’t give a damn if they murder children…….allah HATES every non-msulims and wants them DEAD.
    We can only hope that allah’s soldiers in canada start with Justin and Wynne and then go down the Pyramid of liberal traitors to do us a favour and purge Canada of those weasels first prior to canadians fighting back to slaughter every one of the 8th century scum.

    Oh the irony if a Syrian refugee Muslim RCMP guard of Justin’s is the one to pull a knife and drive it through his heart.

    • Michellerfeemster3

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      • mobuyus

        Google is not paying whores 97 dollars an hour.

  • Brett_McS

    From the Daily Mail, UK, because that news is just not fit to print in American papers.

  • lolwut?

    Lost track of it, but there was another report that a soldier who was posted in Afghanistan said he recognized the father as a Mujahedin he saw when he was there.

    • Clausewitz

      What was he? His cab driver in Ottawa?