Will Donald Trump have the last laugh?

‘I am getting nervous. But it’s not because Trump is good. It’s because people are stupid’. So said the (usually) very funny US comedian Bill Maher on TV recently. When I heard him say it, my first thought was: Trump’s going to win. Not because Maher is right, but because I recognised something from the EU referendum campaign, when the great and the good – from metropolitan comedians to overpaid columnists — piled in to suggest that Brexit backers were all dimwitted lemmings, marching zombie-like off a cliff. Pro-EU devotees, some from positions of astonishing privilege, were punching down. It wasn’t a good look, and it harmed their cause.

  • robins111

    When you cut to the chase, people are sick of condescending bullshit shoveled onto them by the self styled elite who see them as a source of funding for their ludicrous ideology.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Things I learned from Hillary supporters: 25% of the people in the US are deplorable, Americans get stupid if they don’t support Hillary, Trump, never having killed anyone, is like Hitler, a 300 pound 70 year old woman sweating, fainting, coughing and hacking up phlegm is nothing to be concerned with, when the FBI director calls a candidate a liar it is merely a term of endearment.

  • Sunshine

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Donald Trump.

  • G

    In 1789 when the first French peasant revolutionary leaped over the garden wall at the palace of Versailles and pointed his pitchfork at an effete painted up nobleman;….

    I doubt the first thoughts in his head were “Gee, will this guy still like me”?

    Who cares if the eloi hate us!!?? Bring them down!

  • Clausewitz

    When they get desperate the left goes from insulting their opponents to insulting the supporters of their opponents. Looks to me like the left is in full pant load shit mode.

  • V10_Rob

    Are there stupid people voting for Trump for stupid reasons? Assuredly.

    But this late in the game, any votes Trump picks up are undecideds/uncommitteds who’ve been thinking on it for months, or Dems finally fed up with the Clinton Cosa Nostra and going with what they perceive as the lesser of 2 evils.

    That’s not rubes being sucked in, that’s people who’ve weighed the options.

    • FactsWillOut

      Well, in the case of Hillary, I can safely say that any non-stupid person voting for her for non-stupid reasons is an evil person voting for her for evil reasons.