WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants’ Says Government-Backed Multicultural Propaganda

A charity backed by the Swedish government has launched a campaign denouncing the assimilation of migrants and telling natives to “integrate” with foreign “cultures and languages”.

“It’s time to realise the new Swedes will claim their space” an ad insists, describing the Nordic nation as a “safe space” for migrants and concluding: “There is no way back. Sweden will never be like it was.”

  • Ed


    1. First eliminate differences between peoples of the world.
    2. Without differences, borders become irrelevant, as do Countries.
    3. Since the newcomers cannot be “brought up” the rest must be “brought down”

    • B__2

      The progressives carry within themselves a deep and dangerous guilt for the success of Western Civilization, thinking that life is a zero-sum game and if they are rich and the majority of the world are poor, it is because they have taken from the poor to become rich. They don’t realise that the natural state of the world is poverty and subsistence level; it is Western Civilization with industry and innovation that has elevated it above the natural poverty of most of the world.

      Accordingly Progressives feel guilty and attempt to redress the imbalance by bringing down the West and assume this will raise the lifestyles of the poorer people to that of the West. In actuality, it just destroys the wealth and success of the West and makes it more like the poor, and makes it less likely that innovation and productivity will continue to increase in the West.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The Swedish government has to start holding these people accountable failing which the Swedes will do the job themselves.

  • SDMatt

    “It’s time to realise the new Swedes will claim their space” an ad insists, describing the Nordic nation as a “safe space” for migrants and concluding: “There is no way back. Sweden will never be like it was.”

    Honest and accurate.

    • canminuteman

      Sure it will be like it was. Like it was a thousand years ago, when rival tribes were constantly at war with other and local chieftains battled for supremacy.

      • B__2

        And according to the (misguided) Arabist historians, back to a time when Islamic culture was at its height, compared to the rest of the world(†). I am full of horror that we might end up back there, after the destruction of Western Civilization, the subsequent likelihood that the current Islamic society that you see currently in the Middle East will be the future pinnacle of future civilisation.

        (†) Ignoring of course the civilisations in the areas now occupied by India and China. Ignoring the theft of technology, knowledge and goods from lands conquered by muslims that of course allowed the muslim rulers to appear advanced by comparison.

        • infedel

          they used our enslaved monks to translate for them and then lied as sanctioned in their book…we all know this and so do they….and they should be held accountable for the burning of libraries and monasteries, and destroying world antiquities.

      • infedel

        that was thousands of years ago and we have no moral obligation to take polar opposite moslem tribes still fighting as they enslaved and plundered our lands for centuries.

    • infedel

      NO and Yes Sweden will be for Swedes again…do not accept this nwo narrative….(see the UN definition for genocide and use it to fight this)

  • Jay Currie

    If I was a Swede I would be angry, very angry.

    I would also be looking for ways of repatriating the “refugees” and shutting my borders to the “migrants”. Immigration is supposed to help the immigrant and help the host country. The migration to Sweden has done nothing at all for the Swedes.

    • infedel

      well, the multi national corporations have sold a lot of black hair die to help the Swedish girls reduce sexual harassment and rape….as effective as a wristband and running shoes.

  • BillyHW

    Stockholm Syndrome is a disease of the yeast-infected cunt.

  • Minicapt

    Green is the colour of Mohammedanism.


  • mauser 98

    …….back to the dark ages
    German police a visit a refugee center
    wear chain mail for cut and stab wounds
    back to the dark ages

    • B__2

      Best cure for this is 115grains of 9mm hollow point applied liberally centre mass to all those within 21 feet and refusing to drop a knife, or for those threatening the police. After a while, the survivors (if any) will learn an important lesson: ‘Don’t f**k with the State’

      • mauser 98

        tell Merkel , EU , PM Jackass

  • FactsWillOut

    I suggest the Swedes integrate with the muzz in the same way the muzz integrate with them, except German style. Take some lessons from the National Socialists as to how to properly integrate undesirables.
    We’ll start with “Integration Camps” and work our way up…

    • infedel

      just refuse the invasion and strip citizenship from non indigenous invaders regardless of third generation status as they are more violent and hostile to the host.

  • infedel

    Bullshit. Hey Sweden and Europe and the West; ban islam (see history for why) and population replacement elites for vote whoring. It has been done before; do it again…and no more of this defeatist attitude that WE must acept our genocide or else we are “any given name”….thousands of years of culture cannot be lost for fake pc and globalist multiculti nonsense…NO….a sub saharan or moslem will never be a European.