The Atrocity in St. Cloud and the Continuing Somali Immigration Madness

“…And again, the questions must be asked of the GOP, including the so-called “immigration hawks”—How does mass immigration from Somalia benefit America? Why do we refuse to talk seriously about it or do anything about it? What unique skills are Somali immigrants bringing that Americans don’t have? How much law enforcement is being dispatched to deal with this community that could be otherwise more usefully deployed if we were not importing huge numbers of Somalis?

Yet Somali mass immigration continues onward, unabated, with all of these questions unanswered, and, for the most part, unasked.

  • CodexCoder

    You can’t solve a problem unless you correctly identify a problem and for the multicultural SJWs, you would first have to admit that not all cultural values and worldviews are equal. That would be a very large disturbance in the narrative that they keep echoing in the media.

    The fundamental difference in belief between Islam and Christianity, for example, is this: In Islam, to have a guarantee of paradise, you die for Allah; in Christianity, God sends His Son to die for you. If people can’t see the difference between those two beliefs, then they truly are blind.

    • The only religion that matters to SJW’s is Islam, they will protect it as it shares an identical, destruction of the west.

  • Glenfilthie

    It’s not just the Somalis. lt’s pretty much a “black thang”.
    The average African-American Black IQ is 85
    The average sub-Saharan African Black IQ is 65
    The third world is what it is because of the morons that live there. Now they are here. They aren’t going to smarten up, we aren’t going to civilize them, they are what they are and they won’t change because they can’t.
    I seriously suggest that we either deport them or kill them – along with the SJW’s responsible for this crime against humanity. Bringing them here isn’t good for us OR them.

    • J. C.


      And Stefan Molyneux has a few good videos on Youtube about racial IQ differences, as well…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Immigration bureaucrats don’t give a shit because they get paid no matter how lousy a job they do.

  • BillyHW

    National Review owes Derb an apology.

    (And Facebook comments? Really? They were already dead to me, but this is embarrassing now.)