McDonalds Hires Foreign H-1Bs, Fires 70 American Accounting Staff

An iconic American company, McDonald’s, has quietly outsourced the jobs of 70 white-collar professionals in Ohio to foreign H-1B workers.

The H-1Bs outsourcing in the nation’s heartland showcases the growing corporate effort to use foreign H-1B workers to cut workforces of American white-collar professionals, and it comes after companies have used waves of legal and illegal migrants to slash blue-collar jobs and wages in Ohio and around the country.

  • Waffle

    Here’s a quote from Mark Knopfler on the song he wrote about Mcdonald’s founder:

    , “I remember coming across a quote in a book. It was something like, ‘If the opposition is going to drown, put a hose in their mouth.'”

    Here’s the song:

  • Thank you McDonald’s for helping the Trump presidential campaign.

  • Mannie

    The H-1B visa program (Person in Specialty Occupation) really needs to be be contracted. Prospective employers should be required to demonstrate that an adequate supply of US Citizens is not available for these positions, including US Citizens at a substantially higher pay rate. Laying off American Citizens to import H-1B workers should be prima facia evidence of the availability of an adequate pool of qualified US Citizens. H-1B visa holders should be ineligible for Resident Alien status for a period of five years.

    • Frances

      “…should be ineligible for Resident Alien status…” – except, of course, for having the same obligations to pay income tax on their worldwide income as US citizens, green card holders, and resident aliens.

      • Mannie

        “…should be ineligible for Resident Alien status…” </blockquote.

        I can live with that. And add a maximum duration to an H-1B visa of say five years and then ineligibility for another.

    • k1962

      I heard a pilot on the radio say that the airlines (in Canada…probably the charters) who hire foreign pilots will put qualifications in the ad that make it impossible for a Canadian pilot to qualify for the job because they will say that you have to have so many hours flying a certain type of plane that no Canadian pilot flying in Canada would have any experience flying. And that these qualifications aren’t necessary to have for the job, but it will make it look like they are advertising in Canada and can’t find anyone when really they don’t want to find a Canadian pilot because they would have to pay them more. So, there are always ways around the rules.

      I’m actually quite shocked by the article. My son also told us recently that Walmart fired thousands of people in their accounting department. I guess they want to do the same thing.

      Temporary foreign workers were needed for fruit picking and other jobs that Canadians don’t want to do. They are not needed for jobs we can and will do. I hope the problem isn’t as bad here as in the States.

  • bob e

    pretty unbelievable considering this is one of the main things
    they are tryin’ to stop. no one cares any more about anything but profits ..

  • Norman_In_New_York

    American workers deserve a break today.

  • topposter

    Time for McBoycott. Burger King has Nuggets now and Harvey’s burgers are way better then McYuks so who cares really, won’t be any kind of sacrifice.

    • Editor

      Agreed. Spread this news around and vote with our wallets.

    • I would boycott McDonald’s except I’m already doing that by default.

  • BillyHW

    H1-B is nothing less than the selling out of our best and brightest. It is criminal and immoral.

  • Clausewitz

    Who cares. Once the progressive a holes get their $15 per hour minimum wage program they’re all being replaced by robots any ways.

  • stubb

    The jackals and hyenas are rushing to exploit the H1-B program to the fullest extent possible in fear that Trump will be elected and shut it down.