London Counterterrorism Officer Quits Over Double Standard For Muslims

Political correctness causes London police to protect Muslim extremists within their ranks and discount reports of crimes they’ve committed, says former counterterrorism officer Javaria Saaed.

When Javaria Saaed, a member of the counterterrorism division at Scotland Yard, reported extremist behavior and comments from fellow Muslim officers, she expected her concerns to be taken seriously. Several Muslims in the London police force were expressing views consistent with extremist interpretations of Islam, something she assumed would interest her superiors. But she was wrong. She hadn’t counted on the double standard applied to Muslims in the West, or government officials’ intense fear of being labeled Islamaphobic.

According to Saeed, herself a practicing Muslim, a Muslim constable told her that female genital mutilation—a sickening practice that has been outlawed in Britain since 1985—ought to be legal.

  • simus1

    Plod-land and fish rot from the head.

  • canminuteman

    If she is a practicing muslim, how come she doesn’t want her genitals mutilated?

  • Editor

    I applaud her courage and thank her for her honesty but I’d lay low for a while if I were her. I’m sure there is a fatwa with her name on it somewhere.