Canada to act as stooge for UN & George Soros and inflict private refugee sponsorship on unwitting nations

Canada is forming a partnership with the United Nations and billionaire George Soros to help other countries implement their own version of Canada’s private refugee sponsorship program.

Immigration Minister John McCallum told Rosemary Barton, host of CBC News Network’s Power & Politics, he knows of about 13 countries that are potentially interested in Canada’s model for private refugee sponsorship, adding he has already had talks with the United Kingdom.

McCallum said the program would be announced at the UN on Tuesday, but a news release issued by Citizenship and Immigration Monday outlined the initiative’s three main priorities…

Who voted to be a stooge for George Soros?

  • Dogandcat

    Who voted for Soros? Anyone who voted for Trudeau………38% of us.

    • Which riding did Soros run in?

      • Whichever one one Hair-Boy was in. That one.

      • Dogandcat

        Funny! He ran for the Globilist Party of the World………and his son will continue to deconstruct democrat sovereign states. I think we all voted for him with our taxes?

  • BillyHW

    Women voted for Justine because they wanted to sleep with him.

    George Soros wants to see white Christendom ethnically cleansed and exterminated.

  • Frances

    Unwitting nations – let’s go for Saudi Aribia, the United Arab Emirates, and all their buds. Go for it!!

  • Who voted to be a Soros stooge?

    If memory serves, thirty-nine percent did. If Trudeau fixes the electoral system in his favour, dead people will vote, too.

    Because Harper was bad, mmmkay?

  • tom_billesley

    …… Inflict Private Refugee Sponsorship On Unwitting Nations …..
    If your house is “under occupied”, a federal billeting officer will knock on your door to introduce your new housemates.