As her party suffers “historic losses in Berlin state elections”, Merkel wishes she could “turn back time”


Even as she defended the ‘political and ethical’ decision to let in one million asylum seekers in 2015 in the face of a potential humanitarian catastrophe, Merkel reached out to critics.

‘If I could, I would turn back time many, many years to better prepare myself, the federal government and all those in positions of responsibility for the situation we were rather unprepared for in the late summer of 2015,’ Merkel said.

In an unusually frank opening statement, Merkel said the errors of the past included a long-standing refusal to accept Germany’s transformation into a multicultural society.

‘We weren’t exactly the world champions in integration before the refugee influx,’ she wryly admitted, noting that the infrastructure for getting newcomers into language and job training had to be ramped up overnight.

Mealy-mouthed blathering from this despicable woman.