Alice in Terrorland

Everybody knows the motive of the Minnesota mall attacker, but authorities are unwilling to say it.

While attending the Minneapolis trial of three Somali-Americans who sought to join ISIS, I had a moment that almost took my breath away. It came when the prosecutors displayed a photograph of one of the defendants wearing a security guard’s uniform. He was smiling. Work as a security was one of the occasional jobs he did for money. It was a photograph that represented the through-the-looking-glass quality of life in Minnesota.

On Saturday night, another man wearing the uniform of a security guard went on a stabbing rampage at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

  • Editor

    They’re already here, they’re already security guards. Politicians will not identify their culture and religion as the problem, we’re already f*cked. We only have situational awareness and individual vigilance left. Keep your wits about you, keep your eyes and and ears open and good luck.

    • Arm yourself.

      • Editor

        I’m Canadian. We’re pretty much reduced to calling 911 while being stabbed. We can only use “reasonable force” in self-defence so we don’t risk spending tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers and years in court to convince a judge our defense was reasonable. Stabby guy will probably get legal aid though.

    • mobuyus

      Situational awareness has almost been my religion for a long time.

  • simus1

    Long ago and far away, a fellow employee was in a bit of a cash bind and applied for a part time second job as a security guard – not much mall work, mostly quiet hour patrols of private, commercial, and industrial properties. He was hired instantly by the manager of the local office but warned to keep his street cred up at all times because he would be the only one working there without any past arrests for assault.

  • Gary The RCMP is now allowing radical islamists to join IF they wear the Hijab to prove they support Terrorism Jihad and sharia law to condone murdering gays as well as child-bride pedophilia.
    Justin will get rid of the English/French requirement for Citizenship on top of now allowing foreign radical islamists , or ISIS members, to join the RCMP If they make a refugee claim for their Landed-Status to Citizenship or if the Terrorist is a Landed-Immigrant .

    I’m sure that Justin’s Security will be White Male Citizens in the RCMP while in Toronto the average gay and Jew must trust that the Police screened the jew-hating homophobic muslims on the Force because THESE muslims will have guns even if they are non-citizens or a refugees .

  • Gary

    Hillary and Obama are back in 2012 and need another ruse to distract the media as they did with the Benghazi terrorism that they incited and enabled by making a free will choice to ignore calls for Military back-up security.
    Now it looks like Hillary gave up on the YouTube Video angle and blames these terrorism acts on Trump for causing Peaceful muslims to go-jihad when trumps calls radical Muslim terrorists radical radical muslims .

  • pdxnag

    Facing the truth would necessarily be followed by a clear mandate that all practicing Muslims would have to be expelled.

  • Naturally no one knows the motives of one of the many Koran-spewing mentally ill lone wolves afflicted by global warming.

    The next time some jack-hole says something like that, someone should be in his face.