Muslim Terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Family Ran a Restaurant That Aggravated Neighbors

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man wanted in the bombing, is the son of a man named Muhammad Rahami who runs a fast-food restaurant, First American Fried Chicken, in the ground floor of their home on Elmora Avenue, neighbors said.

The restaurant, which has employed Ahmad and some of his brothers, was such a persistent neighborhood nuisance that the city forced it to close early, said Mayor J. Christian Bollwage of Elizabeth.

Note – It is being reported that the people arrested in the SUV that was found to be carrying weapons may be relatives of Ahmad Khan Rahami.

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    See, they want to feed you, just like Italian grandmothers.

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    Somehow I just knew there’d be a Muhammad somewhere in this.

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      I knew there would be at least 5 Mohammeds in this, along with 4 divergent spellings.

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    Just beside the cash transfer store – you can order a halal burger and transfer your (scammed multiple) welfare payments back to the 7th century while you’re waiting.

  • I love Jerkoff’s facial hair. Sunni fanatic moustache-free gnome-beard, but with douchy little hipster soul patch.

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    A whole family of arseholes. We have your cousins here in Canada, their boy is named Omar

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    Imagine what the sanitation is like in that restaurant, or rather, the lack of sanitation.