VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren runs away when Ohio State student says “you lied about your ethnicity”

May be the funniest thing you’ll see all day!

h/t I forget.. sorry.

  • Clausewitz

    Lie-a-watha or Faux-ca-hontas. Take your pick.

  • Alain

    I must admit to being torn on this one considering that nowadays anyone can claim to be whatever one wishes. So if a man can claim to be a woman, why can she not claim to be Native American? My point is these people cannot have it both ways.

    • Clink9

      My native name is “Stands With Beer”.

  • andycanuck

    I think Elizabeth’s people would call that “counting coup”.

  • UCSPanther
  • UCSPanther
  • Slickfoot The Deplorable

    So… Gray Beaver spoke with forked tongue…

  • Gary

    This “diversity” policy is a farce and is just being used to favour the latest groups that have shown they are predisposed to Riots and Violence , or terrorism for muslims and the BLM Street-thugs from welfare ghettos, where it’s best to cafe in to their demands rather than risk the City being torched or the Leaders having their homes bombed.

    I had 24+ years with one of the big 5 Banks and then came the PRIDE and Diversity era in Toronto as the city became 50-shades of Brown and Sharia/Halal was spreading thanks to the brain dead Feminists Barbara Hall at the Human Rights Con-job Commission.
    One of my Parents is of North American native background , that can be proven , and was a WW2 vet along with 3 Brother’s when they joined up in 1942 in Montreal.
    But the Bank must have had a Chart with all the Colours of those to be fired and a List of Faiths and sexual preferences to replace those fired. I usually past for White until around August when the Sun makes me darker that some people claiming to be Black or an African .
    Yes folks, I’m a remnant of a half-breed while the cluster of the natives in Quebec had left the USA after the 1787 Independence made it Official where it was pay-back time to the Natives that took the wrong sides for several conflicts with France and England.
    I don’t wear a costume with feathers and dance for the White man at the Banks X-mas party to be cheered while they laugh behind my back .
    So suddenly I made the list of those to be let go in the guise of “restructuring” where I was now deemed as having no skills to be placed elsewhere in the Company. Hmmmmmm, they hire “diversity” people with NO experience for any of the NEW jobs but a 24 year employee that started at the bottom and knew the system almost to the top had no employable skills when it was me that brought in the new Accounting method to save thousands a month and reduce the Risk factors for losses.

    It’s now a Legal issue but I doubt the Bank is telling the Share Holders that their Lawyers are bilking the Profits to drag out my case and pad the Bills with more paper work and rapes money from the Dividend Checks which comes from the Annual profits.
    Share Holders being raped financially so the Bank can send in the Lawyers to abuse and punish long-term employees that don’t fit the new Model for what Toronto became which is now close to 50% non-white and 51% non-Canadian background population when STATS-CAN shows Canada is about 10% non-white .

    Just wait until the barbarians start go into Justin’s neighbourhood and most fo the Wealthy White Liberal areas of Toronto to torch their homes and spay paint signs and walls.