Trump: Research but don’t act on climate change for now

From Andrew Freedman at Mashable:

Trump responded, writing, “There is still much that needs to be investigated in the field of ‘climate change.'” (He decided to put climate change in quotes, perhaps, as an indication of his skepticism about the issue.)

Perhaps the best use of our limited financial resources should be in dealing with making sure that every person in the world has clean water. Perhaps we should focus on eliminating lingering diseases around the world like malaria. Perhaps we should focus on efforts to increase food production to keep pace with an ever-growing world population. Perhaps we should be focused on developing energy sources and power production that alleviates the need for dependence on fossil fuels. We must decide on how best to proceed so that we can make lives better, safer and more prosperous.

It’s no secret that Trump doubts the mainstream science showing that human-cased global warming is a major threat, and that long-term warming trends cannot be explained by natural variability on its own. More.

Reality check: Is that not the majority view? But isn’t everyone forced to pretend otherwise?

As readers know, I think Clinton will win this last serious election but principally because, in a post-employment society, growing numbers of Americans need cash and coddle from the government. They cannot be the judges of ‘crat manias and frenzies, as independent people could.

PS: It doesn’t matter if Clinton dies. Once nailed down, progressive government can continue with a galvanized corpse as its head of state because the real work is done by armies of ‘crats and “helping professionals” at home, and thugs abroad. A-crocka-a-lypses enable both crackdowns on dissent and independent opinion, and the hysteria that appears to justify them.

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  • robins111

    I’d say this was going to cause the moonbat loonies to go nuts. But they already nuts against him and his chance of getting a vote from them is zero.

    • Alain

      Well it would not make a bit of difference what he said, since they would never vote for him anyway. It boggles the mind why just about every politician or political party nowadays actually think they can turn their enemies into friends by parroting the leftist agenda. Yet they keep committing political suicide by doing it.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Had some relatives visiting from the States. Hate Hillary, will vote Trump holding their noses.

  • tom_billesley

    On 14th July, one day after Theresa May became UK Premier she axed the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) set up in 2008 by Labour Party PM Gordon Brown and retained by David Cameron during his 6 year tenure.