Robots replacing workers even in China?

From Kirstie McCrum at UK Mirror:

Robots are being brought in to replace human workers in China because people are seeking higher wages.

Zeng Zhiyong, Carl Zeiss Vision Technologies (Guangzhou) Ltd explains: “In 2012, the Zeiss Group informed us that labour in China was twice as expensive as in Mexico and four times that in India.

The workers were seeking higher wages, we are told, and their numbers have now sunk by about one-seventh.

He adds that the complex processes mean better educated workers are required, and as a result earn 10-20% more than average. More.

Reality check: The downsized are people the Chinese Communist Party does not need.

Most traditional labour agitation today will simply provide an incentive to automate so one must seriously question the motives of those who engage in it. Unless they are progressives who know that a vote for welfare among the long-term unemployable is a vote for them, in which case we don’t need any further explanation.

Note: Yes, automation willhappen anyway. But often there is no demand for it from the customers in a given community because their own friends or relatives work at the local greasespot. (Cf the robotic cat, for no real demand 😉 ). What creates the demand is agitation for a wage level that make the investment in patent-protected automation a good investment now rather than later. The community has little time to adjust.

See also: Minimum wage hike is part of planned jobsolescence Robotics, like the internet, changes everything. Progressives grasp that much better than traditionalists do. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing.