Poll: 29% Of French Muslims Are Quisling 5th Columnist Traitors In Revolt Against French society

A large number of young Muslims supports more conservative views of Islam, including wearing a full-face veils and polygamy, a study showed.

Institut Montaigne’s report divided the respondents into three groups, with “completely secular” being the most numerous with 46 percent of the total. The second group, amounting to 25 percent of those surveyed, was “proudly Muslim” and accepting of restrictions on religion in the public domain and opposing the burqa and polygamy, but also wanting more space for their religion in the workplace.

The most “problematic” were the remaining 29 percent in the third section. This segment of the Muslim population was composed of “mostly young, low-skilled people with low levels of participation in the labor market” on the outskirts of cities.

“Islam is for them a way of asserting themselves on the margins of French society,” the report found, saying that the majority of them approved of the burqa and of polygamy and used Islam as a means of “revolt” against the rest of French society.