Muslim Wilding: Chaos Breaks out at Mall of America During Islamic Celebration

The incident occurred on Eid Al Adha – also known as “The Festival of Sacrifice” an Islamic holy day that celebrates the Prophet Abraham’s obedience to Allah’s request to sacrifice his son, Isaac. On Eid Al Adha, Minnesota Muslims flock to the Mall of America by the tens of thousands. A FOX 9 story posted just hours before the September 12th incident cites the tradition: in “A Pilgrimage to Mall of America on Eid Al Adha,” KMSP reporter Maury Glover states that “anywhere from 25,000 to 40,000 Muslims (celebrate Eid Al Adha) at the MOA.”

KARE 11 posted its report on Facebook where it was shared by over 400 people. Many of the posts were by teenagers seemingly involved in the disturbance (see below); their comments about the incident were mostly prideful, stating “It was lit…” and using laughing with tears emojis to describe their glee.


  • Don’t worry this is a one time thing. Next year there will be fewer Muslim youth and they will be better behaved.

  • Wally Keeler

    Maul of America

    • SoMalli of America.

      • andycanuck

        Bloody Mallhammedans!

        • Wally Keeler

          Better yet, Maulhammedans.

      • Wally Keeler

        So it was the Somaulis.

        • Wally Keeler

          So Maul me.

  • Editor

    Cultural enrichment right there.

    • And all the convenience of a modern shopping experience!

      • andycanuck

        Mmm. Sushi mace.

  • GrimmCreeper

    They sure have a funny way of celebrating holidays.

    • Editor

      Considering they shoot AK-47 at weddings, this was probably considered pretty tame.

  • canminuteman

    Is this the same mall where someone went all “allah akbar” yesterday and stabbed 28 people? Because if it was, this is the rest of the story that the MSM never reported on.

  • Uncommunist

    ‘Wilding’ is an act of domestic terrorism, imo.

  • BillyHW

    A generation ago Democrats decided that Minnesota was too white, so they went about fixing that. Mission accomplished.

  • Cat-astrophe

    So, just going by behaviour, how can you tell the migrant children apart from 10th generation Americans from the same continent?

  • Release the Deplorables!

  • Apt 28

    Get um out!!

  • Jackie Puppet

    These are the people that Al Franken wanted to increase his voter base.

    Wait until they find out who he really is, and go further than Abraham did with Isaac.

  • Kristie Corson

    I was at the mall of America, attempting to get off the elevator (in a wheelchair) during this ordeal.

    Apparently, followers of that religion wait until sundown on the last day to variant party/splurge on junk foods after having fasted- so the mall was packed to the hilt with Muslim families. That, in itself, would have been just fine by me – but the behavior we witnessed was deplorable…

    To start, there were huge groups of what I assume are families, with dozens of children, none of whom were being supervised. Children were destroying store displays – flipping over piles of folded clothes, grabbing this or that and just dumping disguarded items on the floor – I watched MULTIPLE children pick up toys in the Nicolodeon store, ask for them (be told no) and then just WALK OUT with the (stolen) toys – with the supervising adults deep in conversation with each other or deeply focused on cell phones and paying ZERO attention to the kids. Store employees were then tasked with chasing down the children and demanding the (stolen) items back – only for the parents./relatives to STILL NOT SAYING ANYTHING AT ALL to the children – now the kids were screaming and crying at having the toys taken away and the adults completely disregarded the entire situation – I had never seen anything like it.

    There were children running around like the mall was actually a playground – to the point where my service dog and wheelchair were slammed into and stepped on- MORE THAN ONCE. We witnessed the malls wheelchairs being pushed full of children by other children in races, slamming into incident shoppers, and not allowing any ACTUAL handicapped patrons to use them. The children – MALL WIDE – weren’t disaplined AT ALL. The candy store, toy store, the lego store, all over run, often with the adults sitting out in the common areas, not in any way supervising the destruction the kids were creating – it was UNBEARABLY rude. My own toddler was bowled over by older kids multiple times and no one seemed to care at all. I had to put him on my lap in my wheelchair just to keep him safe from being trampled!

    Large groups of people VERY SLOWLY walking 8 wide across the mall’s open areas- and being non-Muslim, no one in the group would so much as make eye contact with my white family – so we were stuck waking in baby steps for what felt like MILES, unable to get around the slow – moving groups.

    Then there were huge groups of the same folks sitting on the floor in public areas – many of them with thier shoes AND socks off, feet sticking into walking areas and the shoes and socks of children or entire extended families, just piled on the floor – at times, large groups of people were blocking access to stores.

    The final straw was the elevators- not only did people flood INTO full elevators, giving no one a chance to exit (again, I was being pushed in a wheelchair!) – multiple times I got trapped, riding up and down extra floors – with folks PACKING IN to elevators, making it impossible to EXIT. (WHY does ANYONE do that? You let the people OFF FIRST!) – but the WORST was when we rode to the top floor and tried to exit there. A Muslim woman pushing a large double stroller exited the elevator… And then STOPPED. Dead in her tracks. And didn’t budge. My husband held the door open button, waiting for her to exit as we tried to keep our toddler from darting out past her – lest we lose him in the crowd. Finally the elevator started to DING loudly – angry we were holding the doors for so long. “excuse me…?” “ma’am, excuse me?” – my husband REPEATEDLY tried to get her attention but she just STOOD THERE, inches outside the elevator – no one anywhere near in front of her (nothing was keeping her from moving) and she wouldn’t acknowledge him speaking. (mind you, I’m in a wheelchair facing backwards waiting to be unloaded so it wasnt like I could say something.. finally, her husband comes over to her and instructs her that she’s ALLOWED to move. (I didn’t mishear that- I was stunned that any adult human needed anyone else’s permission to walk! Even then, she barely inched forward, making us wait even longer to exit. The whole situation seemed to absurd.

    Then we witnessed a near – stampede at the McDonald’s at what I can only assume was sundown / the breaking of fast – HUNDREDS of people surged forward, yelling and rushing the counter to the point where police had to control the crowds.

    It was a VERY unfortunate introduction to the Muslim holiday and community- I had hoped this wasn’t a cultural issue but by and by, politeness was at an all-time nonexistent level and a police officer I approached (to ask why the huge crowds of people) – explained that this is the case after each siminlarly fasting holiday and that, unfortunately, the rudeness we’d seen was the overall prevalent commonality-

    White people, not in full-coverage burkas- were more or less ignored (at best) or, bullied until they left! The whole scenario, sadly, has likely lead to prejudices and anger & such and is truly unfortunate – the country needs LESS racial tensions, not MORE derisive behavior and self segregation.