Homeschooling: Parents more mainstream than teachers’ unions claim

From Kyle Greenwalt at MercatorNet:

Today, homeschooling is becoming part of the mainstream. It is legal in all 50 states. In addition, a growing number of states are making attempts to engage the homeschooled population for at least part of the day.

For example, 28 states do not prevent homeschooled students from participating in public school interscholastic sports. At least 15 more states are considering “Tim Tebow Laws” – named after the homeschooled athlete – that would allow homeschoolers access to school sports.

The overall homeschool movement is also much more diverse. For example, sociologists Philip Q. Yang and Nihan Kayaardi argue that the homeschool population does not significantly differ from the general U.S. population. Put another way, it is not really possible to assume anything about the religious beliefs, political affiliations or financial status of homeschooling families anymore.

Data from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) provide further corroboration. In 2008, the NCES found that only 36 percent of the homeschooling families in their survey chose “the desire for religious or moral instruction” as their primary reason for their decision to homeschool. At the same time, other reasons, such as a concern about the school environment, were just as important to many homeschool families.More.

Greenwald goes on to identify the role online services is playing in cracking the public school monopoly.

Reality check: The collapsing public school systems in many areas mean that children will mostly learn anything of value at home anyway. That is why the trend to home schooling and charter schools will continue to grow and teachers’ unions will continue to work very hard with progressive politicians to discredit it.

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