Guantanamo prisoner says Saudi ‘royal’ referred to as ‘your highness’ was part of an effort to recruit him for plane plot before 9/11

An accused Al-Qaeda bomb-maker believes a member of the Saudi royal family was part of an effort to recruit him for a plot against the United States shortly before 9/11.

Ghassan Abdallah al-Sharbi, who went to college in Arizona, told officials in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that he heard a religious figure in Saudi Arabia used the term ‘your highness’ during a telephone conversation with a man.

That religious figure then urged al-Sharbi to return to the US and take part in a plot against the country that would involve learning to fly a plane, al-Sharbi said.

  • Dana Garcia

    Doesn’t “your highness” cover a lot of real estate in Saudi, given the family nature of the government there?