Germany: Rapefugee jailed only two years for raping 4 yr. old

OUTRAGE is growing in Germany over the mild punishment handed down to an Afghan refugee who raped a migrant toddler in the asylum home where they both lived.

Jama B., 22, showed no remorse as he was sentenced to just two years and four months behind bars on the milder charge of sexual abuse of the four-year-old boy at the centre in Boostedt, Schleswig-Holstein.

The toddler, from Iraq, was lured into a toilet cubicle at the home in March this year. The court heard the Afghani forced his penis into the child’s mouth.

  • Editor

    As long as the left-wing delusion of cultural relativism exists and political correctness shames people in denying western culture is better than the socio-political system of islam, this wil be a common occurence.

    • Many on the liberal left seem to approve of such activity.

      • Editor

        I’m actually surprised it even went all the way to Court. The victim was a boy and men’s rape doesn’t really matter, or even exist according to the feminist narrative.

  • vwVwwVwv
  • BillyHW

    The longer women have had the right to vote, the shorter the prison sentences for rape. There is a direct correlation.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …all the diddlers will be converting to iSlam…

    • Editor

      They won’t even have to. Leftist web sites like are already working on normalizing pedophilia and “humanizing” its proponents.

  • ontario john

    Please remember that little Justin, the most loved prime minister in Canadian history, has ordered us to be patient with muslim immigrants.

    • Deplorable WIOHism

      Especially the transgenders ones.

  • Deplorable WIOHism

    There are some seriously sick people in the world.
    How does a guy even get an erection looking at any child much less a 4 year old.

    • tom_billesley

      Their brains are wired differently. All you can do is insulate society from them, or blow their fuses.

      • Deplorable WIOHism

        Let’s just insulate them, blowing fuses sounds a little kinky. Lol

  • ontario john

    Speaking of governments out of touch with reality. I just listened to the minister for global warming scams, on CTV Question Period state that Trudeau will force western provinces to have a carbon tax. Yes, following in his dictator father’s footsteps, little Justin is coming up with his own national energy plan.

  • G

    He’s low life.
    But what can you say about the lawyer who made a conscious decision to defend him and the judge who gave him such a light sentence?

    • barryjr

      To answer your question, they are headed to positions of power and prominence in Merkel’s inner circle.

  • tom_billesley

    Why the light sentence of only two years?
    German law states that migrants who commit crimes can only be deported if they are sentenced to prison terms of three years or more.
    The German establishment don’t want the political embarrassment of deportation proceedings indefinitely bogged down in the human rights industry mire.

    • Alain

      Thanks for that clarification, since it explains everything about the sentence.

  • Norman_In_New_York
  • A Hamilton Guy

    Hang him by his thumbs. Place a weighted piano wire noose around his gonads and pecker and wait. They’ll fall off.

  • NonYa Biz