Former Diplomat Warns: The LGBT Ideology is ‘Inherently Totalitarian’

WASHINGTON, DC — A former diplomat to the European Union described the “LGBT ideology” as “inherently totalitarian” at Hillsdale College’s Constitution Day celebration on Thursday. He contrasted “democratic sovereignty” (the idea behind the United States Constitution) with “global governance,” which uses a post-modern interpretation of human rights to replace the traditional view of human nature and limited government.

“I think the LGBT ideology is implicitly totalitarian — implicitly — it is going to destroy freedom implicitly,” Todd Huizinga, a U.S. diplomat for 20 years who now serves as director of international outreach at the Acton Institute and recently authored the book The New Totalitarian Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe, told PJ Media in an interview. He argued that any ideology which denies obvious empirical facts has to quash dissent in order to maintain its political influence.

Huizinga emphasized the issues of gay marriage and transgenderism.