Fed-Up With European Bureaucracy, Asylum Seekers Return Home

Migrants in the German capital of Berlin are fed up of waiting for their asylum claim and an increasing number are simply heading back to where they came from.

Good riddance.

  • Clink9

    Ha ha ..

  • Editor

    They must have been fleeing a real dangerous situation then! The true definition of a refugee.

    • Our Tamil refugees routinely went home for vacation. No lie.

      • john700

        People are so gullible. They don’t leave for good. They go on vacation and they will be back to cash the welfare checks. But stupid media runs with it.

    • Waffle

      ” “I want to go to Syria and continue my studies at the art school. . .”

      Oh dear, we are in danger of losing the next Michaelangelo.

      • Editor

        Actually, art school would be a logical choice for the syrian “refugees” since fine arts or arts history grads very seldom find gainful employment thus guaranteeing a lifetime of state support. Which, I suspect, was their plan from the start.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s they hope they all drown on the journey.

  • xavier

    So they were economic migrants from countries not suffering war or othe catasrophe.

    Hmmmm maybe bureaucratic ineffiency isn’t duch a bad thing

  • Maggat

    To finish the last sentence of the story. Good riddance to bad rubbish