Could some Canadian seniors be starting to “get it” about euthanasia?

From Christine Nagel at MercatorNet,

For years, I warned my children to steer clear of tattoo parlors, and now at 81 years old, I have had to resort to one myself.

Our Government and Supreme Court do not of course mention anything about money, but they do warn us that within a few years, seniors will outnumber the rest of the population and will need an army of caregivers to cope with them. That will be costly. Inevitably, euthanasia will become a more “socially acceptable” way to solve this problem, than for example Hitler’s “Final Solution”. More.

So she got herself a simple shoulder tattooo: MoDon’t euthanize me.

Reality check: What’s sad is that the people most likely to still credit the now well-beyond-disgusting legacy media, who market euthanasia, are seniors. Many don’t and can’t understand what must happen, what must always happen in these situations.

In the new global world of Cool, they are unCool, and that is deadly.

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