Bomb rocks Chelsea, 2nd pressure cooker IED found nearby, idiot mayor chokes on political correctness, Trump Steps Up

Idiot: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said investigators believe it was an intentional act, but said there appeared to be no link to terrorism.

New York mayor de Blasio under fire for saying there’s ‘no evidence of a terror connection’ in Manhattan blast – even though he admits it’s ‘an intentional act’

(So it was intentional, meaning a deliberate effort to do serious harm, but de Blasio won’t call it terrorism because? Could it be that in de Blasio’s PC contorted mind the word terrorism is associated solely with Islam? Doesn’t that  mean de Blasio is stereotyping the alleged religion of peace?)

Bomb rips through Manhattan: Twenty nine hurt, one critical as ‘homemade IED’ rocks Chelsea and a second device is found in a PRESSURE COOKER – hours after bombing at military fun-run

chelsea-bomb-aftermathChelsea Explosion: What We Know and Don’t Know

Dumpster bomb rocks Chelsea, injuring 29; second device found nearby

‘We better get very tough folks’: Trump speaks out in wake of New York bomb

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