• Minicapt

    Only in Alaska?


  • Couper

    It’s a baby!

  • robins111

    We’ve had a bad year for them here in Northern Ontario, one rather largish fellow has staked out our neighborhood as his hunting ground, tears backyard sheds apart to dine on garbage.

    Interesting to watch children getting on a bus, while 60 feet away a bear is watching them.. same bear that staked the claim.

    The official Ontario Government program with dealing with nuisance bears is called ‘Bear Watch’ when you contact this bunch, you realize that they are in fact a statistical gathering agency and are absolutely useless.

    This leaves 2 options, 1 deal with the bear with increasing levels, example bear bangers (big firecrackers, yelling and making noise, and finally, a slug or buckshot) the last option is officially frowned on as that would mean a loaded firearm is ‘on hand’
    Option 2 is to contact the police, which generally use the same level of increasing intimidation, however a police response can be from 10 min to 30. The plus side to the police is that if they shoot it, they get to dispose of the carcass.

    I spoke to a police officer yesterday and was told that they destroyed 7 bears in 3 day, in a town of less than 4,000..

    The number of home rolled, dealt with bears is unknown.

  • Waffle

    I wanted to post “Anchorage” as a musical interlude, but unfortunately, Michelle has been totally scrubbed from YouTube. The covers just don’t cut it.