Why they close comment sections…

This opinion piece in Deutsche Welle like the overwhelming majority of processed MSM product should be read upside down starting with the comments. I give DW little credit as they only occasionally open up an article to comments as in this instance. The public simply isn’t buying the narrative any more.

Opinion: Bautzen is just a symbol

The city has been the scene of arson attacks, vulgar behavior and riots since the refugee crisis began. Many people think that is typical for Saxony. Marcel Fürstenau has another view.



  • Spatchcocked

    I agree with Herr Furstenau…..I’m sitting around bored….then I nip into the old stube for a bier and before you know I’m made aware of and angered by the fact my government has allowed 2 million hostile invaders into my country……the fact I am made to support them financially just makes things worse.

    I tell you I gotta get a hobby so I’m not bored.

    • tom_billesley

      Hungary are hiring migrant hunters.

    • Merkel is a criminal.

  • ontario john

    The unbiased Canadian newspapers that still allow a comment section, routinely remove that section if the one world religion is mentioned.

  • Clausewitz

    Any time you see “comments closed”, it’s no longer news, it’s propaganda.

  • A publication can have or not have comments if they wish, just as long as they are consistent. Don’t close the comments section if lone wolves happen to be mentioned.

    • canminuteman

      I rarely read things that don’t have comments sections. The comments are always the best parts. That being said some comments sections are stupid, and if they are I don’t bother sticking around. It’s the interactive nature of the web that makes t such a great thing. This site, SDA, and Instapundit are my favourite sites, mostly because of the quality of the commentary.

      • Sometimes comments have more information than the article.


  • Editor

    I think the fine folks of Bautzen may be showing Europe the way. If every time 20-30 arrogant youts congregated in the town square and disrespected Germany, its people or customs a 5 to 1 crowd of law abiding, tax paying citizens went and slapped the shit out of them, no fists or weapons mind you, just like a spanking, but for adults. If they did that consistently, I bet the newly arrived youts would realize their actions have consequences and that they are still a minority. islam understands violence, coercion and intimidation, maybe it is time the Germans, possibly most Europeans, start explaining their concerns using that language.