Watch A Mob Of Yale Students Bully A Professor They Say Hurt Their Feelings

By now you’ve probably seen this video from last fall in which a Yale student screams at a professor, insisting that a college campus ought not be an intellectual space, but a space to make students feel safe and at home. Now, newly resurfaced videos show what happened just before the aforementioned altercation took place.

“You should not sleep at night!” a female student shrieks at Yale sociology professor Nicholas Christakis in that video which has since gone viral. “You’re disgusting!”

  • It’s like the Cultural Revolution all over again.

    • infedel

      …and fight we must.

      • Might I suggest folding a map of trans-bathrooms incorrectly?

        Destroying a shrubbery?

  • Waffle

    These delicate little flowers should live in their parent’s basements forever.

  • infedel

    These affirmative action low score idiots should not be in Yale nor should the marxist professors.

    • Samuel Q-L

      The US is a failed state.

      • infedel

        They want to pretend that the West has failed…not so.

        • Danamshugart2

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  • terrence22

    One of the comments under the article said something to the effect that kids starting high school THIS year are back on track to what they were five years ago, i.e., intelligent, educated, thoughtful, and ready for university EDUCATION. I hope the universities will be up to it in four or five years.

  • kkruger71

    8 1/2 minutes into the videos (plus I’ve seen the old part) and I have to say this professor is being far more patient than I could be at that point.

    • kkruger71

      Can’t believe I made it through the whole thing. I had to take a break a couple times. Say what you want about this guy, he is way more patient with these airheads than I could ever be, and I spend most of my job working with small children.

      • Clausewitz

        So do I. Sadly they’re in University and High School.

  • Dana Garcia

    Don’t the precious affirmative action snowflakes get GRADES??

    Clearly they need a readjustment on their discomfort scales.

  • kkruger71

    Like so many of these things, it boils down to these SJW types not understanding the difference between opinions and facts. Simply put, they think his tweet was racist and inspires violence by way of disrespect, just like they’ve been taught. He simply disagrees with that assessment. He bent over backwards to apologize for anything harmful they took from his remarks, only refusing once they were demanding he apologize for something he believes is untrue.Even heard a couple people in the background of this use the now classic “That’s not up for debate” tactic.
    I really don’t get how the left has convinced people, even ones I know and considered to generally be rational people, that just because you believe a concept does not make it a fact?

  • BillyHW

    Is there any place women can’t ruin with their vaginal discharges?

    • Sharkibark

      As much as I am opposed to political correctness, 3rd wave feminism and the culture of special snowflake offended by everythings – your comment actually does offend me. It takes a quite a bit to do that so I guess you can call it an accomplishment.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What does the admission’s process look like now? Whoever can lie on the floor and cry the loudest?