“Victim” broadcasts police traffic stop on Facebook because he’s targeted for ‘being black’ – films himself hiding drug stash


Dominique Desha Green – Idiot

A Texas man pulled over on traffic violations says he was unfairly target by police and took it to Facebook Live video to capture his interaction with cops.

But officers say he incriminated himself in footage of the incident, filming as he tried to hide drugs from police officers.

Dominique Desha Green, 24, faces 11 charges, including drug possession, related to the Friday traffic stop in Dallas, the Dallas News reported.

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  • ismiselemeas

    The fact that Quebecers haven’t protested against the cultural misappropriation of their lingua franca to provide first names to 15% of the US population smacks of cultural relativism.

    • Editor

      It’s just that those names, including the French sounding prefixes “La” ,”De”, like in LaShonda or DeAndré, and especially bastardized african/muslim sounding names like Shaka or Jamal makes CV sorting so much easier.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This only proves that you can’t fix stupid.

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    phuque you negroid. tired of your tribal nonsense.

  • Dana Garcia

    Some people aren’t smart enough to be criminals.

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    And people wonder why the prisons are filled with these people.

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    Why you dun stopped me officer – I only be sitting here waiting to go into my Mensa chapter meeting.