UKIP’s Steven Woolfe Slams ‘Axis Of Anti-Democratic Elites’ As London’s Muslim Mayor Backs Hillary

They’re part of a worldwide elite. They want to be connected with this worldwide elite.

“And that is why you see the rise of what I call democratic populism – in Britain and across Europe – because we’re tired of them, and we know what they look like, we know what they sound like, and we want to get rid of them.”


  • ontario john

    Leftists want a one world government with islam as the one world religion. And of course global corporations love the idea. The Book of Revelations is becoming more relevant every day. CNN and the United Nations this morning are upset at the treatment of economic migrants in Britain. You know, the United Nations that little Justin is kissing up to.

  • Editor

    Who the hell cares what the mayor of Londonistan thinks about the American Presidential election. Just let him go back home and turn his city into a third world shithole.

  • John

    That London’s mayor would encourage people to vote for Hillary can only help Trump.

    • I agree.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Hillary needs his endorsement like she needs another fainting spell.