The Decline and Fall of the Catholic West

Recent events have forcefully highlighted, to all but the most wilfully ignorant, that Western Civilization is — especially in Europe — in the midst of an existential crisis. The tides of humanity now pouring into Europe from the Middle East, southern Asia and northern as well as sub-Saharan Africa, will, if the process continues even for another year or so, make the continent virtually unrecognizable in a generation. North America is undergoing its own “Third World” invasion, but, since most of its immigrants derive from Latin America, the situation there is different. Latin Americans are, ultimately, not too different from North Americans culturally. The immigration to Europe, however, is coming overwhelmingly from Sunni Islam, and that makes it an entirely different ball game. We are witnessing nothing less than the birth of the long-predicted Eurabia.

  • jayme

    Switching people’s focus from the “eternal” to the here and now has, not surprisingly, led to lower birthrates (among other things). If this little slice of time is all there is, is all we get, as atheists believe and agnostics (perhaps) fear to be the case, then doing anything that is not necessarily in one’s personal interest – such as taking on the responsibility and burden of raising children – makes little or no sense. So it’s really not surprising that, having embraced secularism, materialism and hedonism to a large extent, Western societies are not interested in reproducing themselves. But the “why” of that switch from Christianity – particularly Catholicism – to secularism … what was that about? Personally, I didn’t find the article’s explanation of the infiltration of Marxist ideas and the implementation of Vatican II as providing a fully satisfactory answer. Why was/is Christianity so vulnerable to secularism (when something like Islam appears largely immune)?

    • Christians didn’t riot when religion was marginalized by the left and its fellow travelers.

    • Alain

      The suggest that Vatican II was the result of marxist infiltration of the Catholic Church.