Teen tied up and gagged after three men ‘gang rape’ her at Eiffel Tower


The 19 year old French girl was lured to the monument on the proviso of a “date” set up through Facebook.

  • BillyHW

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote and capital punishment must be dealt out relentlessly to Europe’s “leaders” like Faggot Hollande, Pope Faggot, and Lesbia Merkel, for their despicable treason.

  • Sean Connery

    What are they prepared to do?

  • Achmed

    She just needed a little injection of Islam.

    • H

      Yep – those French girls can’t resist those sophisticated Muslim men from the backwaters of Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, etc. She wanted to go out on a date with a one and got rewarded for her gross stupidity. But the same scenario will repeat continually until there are no more non-Muslim French women … at which point, I guess, they’ll have to switch to raping Muslim women ( much less interesting, I imagine).

      • Slickfoot The Deplorable

        There’s always the livestock.

  • Stupid girl wasn’t wearing her magic tattoos.

    • BillyHW

      Did she have her running shoes?

  • xavier

    Ok she was foolish to go on a blind date. However, it’s behaviour like this that’ll recreate chivalric orders or worse hunter killer squads going after Moslem men. Awesome regression to medieval behaviour

    • shasta

      “or worse hunter killer squads going after Moslem men”

      And why would that be a bad thing?

      • xavier

        Because in the end, the killers end up as depraved as Jihadi john. Frankly we’re far better than them. We got take the hard road of the ideological challenge, the political will to halt Moslem immigration and the valour to defend ourselves both physically and morally from Moslem depredations.

        I don’t exclude killing them in Europe in acts of self defense. Of course they’ll get all huffy when thst hsppens but an escalating bodycount will convinve them to sulk

        • shasta

          “Because in the end, the killers end up as depraved as Jihadi john”

          I see no reason to assume that is the case. If it was so we would never have made heroes out of groups like the resistance and commandos during wwII.

          “II don’t exclude killing them in Europe in acts of self defense.”

          You can not win a war by being on the defencive all the time. At some point you have to be on the offence if you ever hope to win.

          • Slickfoot The Deplorable

            You are correct, being purely reactive, you allow your opponent to get stronger… Hunt him, make him afraid… Start knocking off the most hateful imams, dynamics would change quickly.

        • WalterBannon


          hunter killer squads going after Moslem men are holy crusaders and heroes

        • V10_Rob

          “Frankly we’re far better than them.”

          Currently, yes. But if people are pushed far enough to take off the gloves, it’s not going to be pretty or something we’ll be entirely proud of in retrospect. That’s my fear, that failure to confront this problem will cause something truly dark and ugly to reawaken, and it spin out of control. You think microaggressions are bad, wait until we bring back macroaggressions from the darkest of days.

          Western citizens (particularly Europeans) are growing increasingly frustrated with being ignored by their elites. A few years ago, this could have been nipped in the bud with some tougher immigration policies to keep out islamist radicals and expel those who abuse our hospitality. But no, that was too racist, so things get worse and now people want even tougher responses, like a total border shutdown.

          The longer the globalists and their useful idiots resist addressing the problem, the worse the backlash will be. Already people no longer care about being called nazis and other bad names. Keeping pushing them, and they’ll no longer care about BEING nazis.

          You’ve got native Germans and Swedes torching empty refugee centers in protest to what mass immigration is doing to their homes. Keep excoriating them while coddling the egregious behavior of ‘refugees’, they’ll start torching UNempty refugee centers.

    • Not in France, I’m afraid.

  • Gary

    i guess they wanted to see what sex felt like with a human.

  • ontario john

    The French need to take Trudeau’s advice and just be patient. Because as our wonderful leader has stated, we had the same problem with old Italian grandmothers adjusting.

    • The same women who still don’t speak English after decades of living in Canada yet pose no threat to the populace.