Pipe Bomb Explosion On Jersey Shore Boardwalk Cancels Marines Charity Run

NJ Explosion Evacuates Seaside Park Boardwalk Area At Jersey Shore

The boardwalk area in Seaside Park was evacuated – and a lockdown was in place – on Saturday because of an explosion, and authorities said they were searching for another possible explosive device.

The explosion apparently involved at least one pipe bomb in a trash can at the time a Semper Five 5K race event – with 3,000 participants – was to be held for the U.S. Marines, according to authorities. The race was canceled.

h/t TFFP

  • bob e

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  • WalterBannon

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  • Thinking From First Principles

    Other nearby events have been cancelled as a result. So this event in one town will end up having a big effect on the local economy. This reinforces a point that is becoming more and more obvious. The jihad is tanking the world economy. Just like jihad caused the Dark Ages by collapsing trade around the Mediterranean basin, the costs of jihad are why the economy is so anemic today. Trillions of productive investment are being diverted into otherwise unnecessary security, and tourism and trade are being reduced.

  • Dana Garcia

    As the old ayatollah said, “There’s no fun in Islam” — or any place where there are muslims apparently. Just stay home and pray to allah, infidels.

    I hope the marines can respond in some appropriate way.