Japan has a worrying number of virgins, government finds

Japan’s demographic challenges are well-known: It’s home to the world’s oldest population and has a shrinking birthrate and an astonishing number of single people. And it seems that, despite government efforts to incentivise marriage and child-rearing, things aren’t quite trending in the right direction.

According to the Japan Times, a new survey of Japanese people ages 18 to 34 found that 70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women are not in a relationship. It gets worse: Around 42 percent of men and 44.2 percent of women admitted that they were virgins.

Japanese Penis Festival - Not working for some reason.

Japanese Penis Festival – Not working for some reason.

  • Clink9

    That’s some serious wood.

  • DMB

    The Japanese Penis Festival would make Kathleen Wynne Envious. Children paying tribute a large dildo is exactly what she wants Ontario children to do in her sex reeducation curriculum.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This brings new meaning to Japanese cherry blossoms.

  • B__2

    Quick, get the UN genius minds on to the problem. I suspect that they would discover the best UN solution is for Japan to immediately accept around 20 million refugees selected by the UN. Underutilised cities could be emptied of ethnic Japanese to permit refugees to set up with neighbours who share their culture, religion and legal systems. The displaced Japanese would then be relocated in other underpopulated cities in Japan. These refugees would be encouraged by UN subsidies to have as many children as possible to ensure the growth in population in Japan. A dual legal system could be implemented until the last few ethnic Japanese give up their ethnic exceptionalism and accept dhimmitude under the world-wide system of Shari’a.

    Seriously though, the Japanese have the right to determine their own future. If that future is a dramatically smaller population, then that is their right as a sovereign culture. The ultra-greens should be quite supportive given their decades of complaint that the world’s current population is too high for a ‘sustainable future’.

  • xavier

    Well the Japanese are finally contemplating foreign immigrants. They have have some Indonesian and Filipina nurses.

    The problem is the insulting work culture where women are forced to resign or the bosses forge the resignation papers. Then the women are expected to shoulder 100% of the domestic responsibilities while the guy work insane hours and carousel.

    And most of the time work is just make work or busy work. Asia isn’t really that productive and Japan is also inefficient in many areas

  • V10_Rob

    When your only apparent purpose is to be a tax serf for the government, it’s a little difficult to muster concern about the system’s sustainability.