Islamic State leader ‘in charge of gruesome execution videos’ killed in US air strike

One of Islamic State’s most senior leaders, who oversaw the group’s gruesome execution videos, has been killed in a US air strike in Syria.

Wa’il Adil Hasan Salman al-Fayad, often referred to as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (Isil) information minister, was hit in a targeted strike on his motorcycle outside his home in Raqqa.

He is thought to be one of the group’s top five figures and was chosen earlier this month to replace Mohammed al-Adnani, the group’s spokesman and chief of propaganda, who was also killed in a US air strike nine days earlier.

  • Clink9

    The timing of this really sucks. It’s caught me in the middle of the month and have just recently run out of shits to give.

    Please put me in for some the next time.

  • James51213

    War is expensive. Hellfire missile – $70K; Paveway bomb – $20K — Per Terrorist

    • mauser 98

      millions of refugees far more expensive

  • mauser 98

    must have been 20 AlQeda #2 killed
    Barry puffing for Hill

  • ismiselemeas

    Can I have his airmiles?

  • ntt1

    this new drone technology is pretty amazing, a targeted strike in deepest ISIL held lands,directed by a millennial seated somewhere in the eastern states. imagine if this had been available in 1938

  • Oh, well.

    What is everyone doing for Oktoberfest?