Germany’s migration office failed to detect fake passports, say officials… and lots of them

Germany’s Federal Migration Office (BAMF) has been accused of severe security flaws after it was revealed that officials failed to detect counterfeit passports used by refugees entering the country.
According to a report by German public broadcaster RBB, the state attorney general for state of Brandenburg, Erado Rautenberg, is now seeking to seize around 18,000 records from BAMF.

…Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann weighed in on the matter, saying local authorities in his state had seized a random sample of migrant passports and that a “significant portion” of them were reported as counterfeit but had not been detected by BAMF.

  • simus1

    ” failed to detect ” or had orders not to detect?

    • Failed the orders to order the fail.

    • B__2

      And even if they were detected, would they do anything?

      I suspect not – the ‘refugee’ would claim they had to get the false documents to escape Syria (or wherever). Then they would just become ‘undocumented refugees’ according to the system. After all, where are they going to deport them to?