Flurry of raids on Muslim terrorists as French police de-code jihadi Rachid Kassim’s network of evil

A STRING of terror arrests have taken place after police unravelled an encrypted messaging app account of one of Islamic State’s most prominent jihadis.

French intelligence officers managed to read the coded messages distributed by Rachid Kassim to his network of European-based terrorists.

The warped extremist is believed to have been the man pulling the strings during several terror attacks in France, such as the murder of a priest in Saint-Étienne-duRouvray and the slaughter of a police officer and his wife in Paris.

  • V10_Rob

    Yeah, keep telling the enemy which of their communications we’ve compromised, and how we did it…

  • ntt1

    their culture seems adept at utilizing our electronic communications yet they never quite managed to invent indoor plumbing or general hygene

  • Where was this energy before the Charlie Hebdo attacks?

  • pdxnag

    “warped extremist” == Muslim warped by Islam