Warren: Politics now infects every particle of life

From David Warren at The Catholic Thing

Beyond the life issues, there is no peace. We live in an age – have lived, through a century – in which politics have infected every particle of life, so that the man who hates politics will have to wade in, to defend his right to be left alone. And he will lose, for by the invention of the income tax, Big Brother established his right to intrude, inspect, molest – on a presumption of guilt that flies in the face of all our ancient liberties.

I know that today, only cranks are opposed to such things. I am a crank, and am still opposed. My own experience of being maliciously audited taught me much about how things really are, in a country that heaps flattery on itself for transparency and “human rights.” Indeed, it has been my lot to experience, more often than most, truly demonic bureaucracy in action, on issues that go well beyond taxes. I cannot be impressed by the blather of “democracy.”

We are flies in the web of our elected spiders… More.

Reality check: Government has become a weapon that every aggrieved person wants to get control of and wield against everyone and anyone except himself, on account of the inadequacies of life. This cannot end well.

See also: Obama hired behavior experts to expand use of government programs. Get use to it; It is fully in line with the gradually developing post-employment society when the main jobholders outside STEM are ‘crats and helping professionals.