Sources: Tens of Thousands of Files from Clinton, Blumenthal Computers Available on Deep Web

PJ Media has learned from multiple sources that the House and Senate Intelligence Committees may have access to the contents of an Eastern European computer, potentially Russian, and that hackers may have exfiltrated Hillary Clinton’s and Sidney Blumenthal’s unsecured files by first hacking Marcel Lazar Lehel aka Guccifer.

One or more American whistleblowers recently informed the Intelligence Committees that the files taken by the unknown hackers are available at specific locations in the Deep Web.

A congressional source who is familiar with the information says these documents are being called for now “the Russian files.” Getting them did not involve hacking Russians or anyone else, but rather locating the images that the files left behind while the unknown hackers moved them through the Deep Web. When Clinton associates thought they were deleting her files, they may not have realized that files leave images even in the Deep Web when moved by hackers.

  • Exile1981

    So really every country in the world has them then.

    The question we will never be allowed to know the answer too is how many US agents abroad died because she sold information?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the bengahzii was targetted because the knew she hadn’t increased security.

    • Slickfoot The Deplorable

      I think Benghazi was planned (by state department) to be a quiet little hostage situation where ransom demands would be met and state would be the heroic negotiators… But those pesky SEALS showed up and ruint everything.

  • jack burns

    I’d guess that this is bad for Grandma, but its still early so this is to keep her twitching.