Precious Snowflakes at Mount Royal University Triggered by Donald Trump Hat

Calgary university student confronted for wearing Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat

  • Shebel

    That bitch needs it doggy style.

    • Justin St.Denis

      From a Doberman.

    • full disclosure

      With her muzzle on.

    • Dave

      My first thought was she might be a good fuck, as long as she kept her yap shut. But to fucking stupid for anything else.

  • DMB
    • Ha!

    • disqusW6sf

      It’s a joke. LOL.

    • B__2

      In days of old, stories of such legendary insanity would be passed on from man to man or from man to boy, stories that would have been met with much scepticism and disbelief.

      With the marvels of modern technology the proof is now available of the madness of third-wave feminism and SJWs, often via their own recorded thoughts and behaviour.

      • qwerty_4321

        I miss the 80s for more than the music. It was a time when anyone could say anything about anyone. Diceman, Eddy Murphy etc., you could make fun of whoever you wanted and hate whoever you wanted. People understood they were just words. The snowflakes today were never taught about “sticks and stones”.

    • GrimmCreeper

      Please tell me that’s a spoof.

      • DMB

        It’s real. Feminism is a manifestation of women’s mental disorders.

    • kkruger71

      Seen this before. Still have no idea what the first one thinks those curb/snow markers are.

      • B__2

        As the ‘lady’ said, they are ‘declarations of male dominance’ – after all what other reason would they be there for? In her own words they were put up there like Ku Klux Klan hats, placed there specifically for “the declaration of the destruction of women’s rights, the destruction of children’s rights”. With important reasons like this, why would there need to be any practical reason they would be put there?

        I see a lonely retirement future for this ‘lady’, made even lonelier if she ever decides that cats are embodiments of male dominance.

  • BillyHW

    Is anybody thinking what I’m thinking?

    • disqusW6sf


  • Jay Currie

    Two points:

    1) this is going viral with nearly 100k views last time I looked,

    2) The girl in the white dress is far and away the hottest SJW I have ever seen. Living proof that, on the left, brains times beauty is a constant.

    • Ha!

    • B__2

      2) Sorry: Solid evidence of disproof of theorem: “TrigglyPuff”

      • Jay Currie

        Oh, trust you to bring up the polar case. TrigglyPuff would need an IQ of about 1000. I concede.

        • qwerty_4321

          There are always outliers, even under Poisson distribution.

  • kkruger71

    Thankfully it’s not like this on all campuses. I have a Trump ring-tone on my phone because I think it’s hysterical and whenever it went off at my university gigs last week it got a great response.

  • marty_p

    My son brought me home a Make America Great Again hat when he came home for working his co-op term in Chicago.
    He warned me not to wear it on the streets in the GTA in case some idiot SJW or MO got a little too upset about it.

  • Minicapt

    … Mount Royal University …


    • Oops my bad, post in haste repent at leisure. Fixed.

  • robins111

    Who was it again that said some people are alive because its illegal to kill them??

  • lolwut?
  • Ed

    Love “hat plucker” near the end. He’s so hoping he can bang perky tits as payment for his super brave act…

    • qwerty_4321

      He has about as much testosterone in him as a female canary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he likes being the “catcher”.

  • Not Uofc

    I believe it was at Mount Royal, not, UofC.

  • qwerty_4321

    I’m so glad I’m done with university. If I was there today I wouldn’t have time to study for all the arguments I’d be getting in with those SJW snowflakes. As for the kid that grabbed the hat, I would have dragged him outside by his throat for even thinking about touching me.