PM Useful Idiot proves… he’s an idiot

Trudeau cautions Canadians not to be “overly impatient” at the pace of integration by “immigrants” in this Star puff piece.

PM Useful idiot illustrates his point citing Italian & Greek Grandmas who still speak little English but happily notes that succeeding generations have integrated seamlessly into Canadian society.

Gee, thanks for the heads-up Justin but  most Canadians aren’t the idiots you take them for and aren’t at all impatient with the pace of immigrant integration in general, but they are impatient with your refusal to speak truthfully about the elephant in the room: Islamic immigration.

The Italians and Greeks you cite did not arrive toting a violent and supremacist political ideology that reviles the values of the very society that has welcomed them.

There is among our political class a wish-dream vision of Islam that assumes its adherents aspire to all that they value. Right or Left it doesn’t matter, the wish dream is cultivated because it supports a preferred narrative necessary to their agendas, virtue signalling and vote whoring being primary among them. This wish-dream Islam has been lipsticked to include our positive historical experience of immigration resulting in the ludicrous and willful denial of the obvious; Islam does not send immigrants, it sends settlers.

Look to any western European nation currently enjoying the benefits of Islam’s bountiful diversity and ask yourself…

What other immigrant group has produced 2nd and 3rd generation terrorists? Surely not the Italians and Greeks PM Useful idiot so disingenuously cited.

What other immigrant group has placed such huge security burdens on its host nations?

What other immigrant group has turned urban areas in Europe into virtual no-go zones?

What other immigrant group has forced its host nations to abandon cherished values in order to accommodate its barbaric cult practices up to and including turning a blind eye to the rape of its own children?

PM Useful Idiot says dialogue is a must with Islam’s adherents. No it isn’t.

A halt to immigration from Muslim nations is.

You see Justin, few outside your Bubble are willing to eat the swill of cultural relativism & moral equivalence you’re selling.

May I suggest PM Useful Idiot that on your next vacation jaunt you and Sophie schedule a little time for some selfies and dialogue in a banlieue?

By the way, make sure you leave the security detail behind, have a walk-about, you know, like a normal person.