Ont. teacher allegedly told student to ‘lick me where I fart’

jennifer-green-johnsonA potty-mouthed Dunnville teacher who slipped into foul territory before is facing new charges.

Dunnville Secondary School English teacher Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson allegedly told a student: “Why don’t you lick me where I fart.”

  • ontario john

    I’m sure Wynne will award her teacher of the year. Leftist attitudes are destroying the West. Another example is a rant by that old commie Rick Salutin in the Star today, defending the atheist minister in the united church.

    • I’m not surprised at such dreck by Salutin. Honestly I avoid the Star whenever possible, it’s a waste of time as like most of our MSM it holds no values in common with Canadians.

      • ontario john

        That’s racist!!

  • Editor

    Whether meant as an insult or an invitation, errrr, I’ll pass. When I first quickly saw the picture I figured “Jeez, another trans story!”

  • Clink9

    I’ve had better offers.

  • Waffle

    On the face of it (sorry, I might have that ass backwards), I’m surprised that more teachers have not yet left the classroom. It’s obviously padded cell time for this one.

  • xiphos

    Well, her picture shows where she facts from.
    Wouldn’t do it, blind and/or drunk.

  • mauser 98

    thats how Wynne regards taxpayers

  • BillyHW

    Before we gave women the vote, shouldn’t we have at least asked the to contribute something positive to humanity first?

  • FactsWillOut

    “She slapped a student on head, called him an idiot and told him to “grow some balls.”

    Green-Johnson allegedly called one student a “bloody pedophile”.

    Reportedly told a female student she “looked like a frumpy old lady today.”

    In the earlier disciplinary action, she slammed her students as stupids, idiots, gay and a “bitch”.”

    To be honest, I think we need more teachers like her, not less, unless you all think that teachers should be little PC drones?

    • Samuel Q-L

      Schools need more diversity & multiculturalism to offset student behaviour.

      • FactsWillOut

        Excellent! You have mastered the art of using many words to convey nothing whatsoever. You should run for office!

      • Clausewitz

        No they need more quality teachers regardless of their ethnicity. This diversity crap is what has denigrated teaching into the snake pit it is today.

    • Clausewitz

      Teachers don’t need to be PC drones, but they do need to be professional. That’s why I haven’t hired any applicants from OISE or York in years.

  • simus1

    Ah, a spirited wench, is she ?
    That’s what this ship lacks, eh captain ?
    Aaarrr !

    • FactsWillOut

      She sounds to me like one of the good guys, calling her students out when they fail to perform and otherwise act like idiots. The fact that so-called “conservatives” are condemning her for it is a testament to how badly the PC culture has infected Canada.

  • Hard Little Machine

    “Kiss me where it smells funny”

    Get in the car we’re going to New Jersey.

    • Clink9

      Heh, we always said Hamilton.

      • FactsWillOut

        I remember in the 70’s and 80’s, when you could see the green-brown dome of smog over Hamilton from the lookout point at the top of the Greensville Hill. Does that still happen?

        • Clink9

          No, I think they’ve had too many job loses for that now.

          No worky, no dirty.

          • FactsWillOut


            Makes sense to me. I guess Stelco and Dofasco are gone, now. I remember the Barton St. E. industrial area, where there was compound after compound of heavy manufacturing, Liquid Air, Stelco, Dofasco, International Harvester, Canadian Vegetable Oil Produciers,etc. The corrupt WOPS that ran Hamilton have got nuthin on the corrupt PC types who took over…and by nuthin’, I mean nuthin’: No money, no sense, and no brains.

          • Bataviawillem

            Dofasco is still there and is one of the most profitable steel mills in the world.
            Liquid air and Canadian Vegetable oil are still there to, the rest is gone.

        • Clausewitz

          Used to love the look when they poured out the slag as you came down the mountain on the 403.

  • Robert J. Hoshowsky

    Isn’t “Lick Me Where I Fart” Chapter 69 of the Kathleen Wynne/Bad Touch Ben Levin Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Handbook?

    • FactsWillOut

      Only after Grade 4, so its all good.

  • marty_p

    John (Hide in the closet) morning man on News Talk 1010 in Toronto probably says “Lick me where I fart” to his significant other regularly.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Typical behavior for Wynne’s Ontario.