Leitch’s plan preserves the fabric of Canada

There is nothing at all wrong with defending our national values. They stem from humanitarian principles that must be promoted wherever possible.

The storm of controversy around Kellie Leitch continues to rage. Some have offered strong support, but others have lambasted the aspiring Conservative leader, apparently on the dubious premise that defending Canadian values somehow contradicts Canadian values.

While her name recognition and general popularity have both soared, her stance has engendered some resentment and even contempt. One of her own party members is calling on her to withdraw from the race. Some are comparing her to Donald Trump.

  • patrioticCanadian

    That’s awesome if it’s true. She needs to double down

  • simus1

    Leitch and the rest have offered the most tentative and foggy versions of spineless mugwhumpery possible. The media party will not be shy about boosting the most hapless red Tory in the bunch. Someone who will make even Shiny Small Potato look good courtesy of nonstop 24/7 Media Party hackery.

  • FactsWillOut

    I hope she takes the comparisons to Donald Trump as marching orders. If she doesn’t, then this is just more of the same Kabuki theatre.

  • FactsWillOut


    “Leitch is not suggesting we change that wonderful multi-ethnic and diverse character of Canada. In fact, she is implying the opposite: that when Canadian openness is threatened by some individuals with self-righteous notions and elitist attitudes about the superiority of one culture over others, we must stand our ground.”

    “I strongly believe that our inclusive values need to be defended here, but they also need to be exported to many lands where women live precarious lives, where the rights of children are constantly trampled upon, and where culture offers no security to the downtrodden.”

    The author of the article, one FARZANA HASSAN, is no supporter of Canadian values, rather she supports globalist values.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    The best part of her campaign is outing the Liberals amongst Team Blue.

  • barryjr

    If she truly believes her position and it isn’t some vote grabbing ploy good. Those that are opposed to it, to continue the comparison to the US, are the Canadian versions of little jebbie and mittens.

    • V10_Rob

      Exactly as I’ve been predicting, the first Tory to stop fleeing with their tail between their legs will be excoriated as the Trump of Canada, no matter how tepid and half-hearted their stance is.

  • Flyboy

    Perhaps Leitch’s Conservative detractors should consider crossing over to the federal Liberal Party or their offshoot; the Sharia’h Party of Canada.