Labour Whitewashes its Anti-Semitism

Britain’s Labour Party, out of power since 2010, more or less cut its own throat when its members (plus fresh recruits who, instead of taking out membership, paid £3 to vote in the leadership election in 2015) chose Jeremy Corbyn, a formerly marginalized far left socialist, as the new head of the party. Ordinary Labour voters were horrified, knowing from day one that Corbyn could never lead the party to government and was not either remotely Prime Ministerial material. But vast numbers of young extreme left-wingers, flushed with victory and dedicated to an idealistic coming revolution and led by a new Corbyn-worshipping movement called Momentum, were determined to take traditional working- and middle-class voters in a direction that had little or no appeal to them at all.

  • Millie_Woods

    Rubish. The only thing that ‘ordinary’ labor voters are horrified about is that labor is not in power. They only differ from the ‘young extreme left-wingers’ in the speed at which they believe ruinous socialist policies should be implemented.

  • vwVwwVwv

    you cant whitewash something dirty in dirt.