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wtf-did-i-just-readCosmo Attacks Ivanka Because Trump’s Paid Maternity Leave Doesn’t Include Gay Men

After the Republican nominee outlined his child care plan this week — which includes six weeks of paid leave, tax deductions for child care and rebates for low-income earners — Prachi Gupta peppered Ivanka Trump with questions about why the maternity policy didn’t include gay men who adopt.

burning-us-flagTwo GITMO Prisoners Released by Obama Reunite with Islamic Terror Groups

The U.S. government regrets to inform you that two more Islamic terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have returned to fighting the United States on the battlefield. Washington also confirmed that a total of nine people freed from Guantanamo have rejoined militant groups since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, according to Reuters.

french-police-set-on-fireMayhem as French police officers SET ON FIRE in massive Paris riots

Anarchists and other radicals wearing black hoodies and facemasks could be seen throwing the improvised bombs, together with bricks and metal bars.

“We’re here to fight back against a corrupt government,” said Florent Gilbert, a 19-year-old student who had gathered with a group of around 100 agitators.

“The police are trying to clear the streets but we have every right to show those in power what we think of them.”

mw-ew037_uber_20160915145400_zhHello self-driving cars, goodbye 4.1 million jobs?

When the self-driving-car revolution firmly takes hold, there will be carnage, according to Wolf Richter of the Wolf Street blog. Not the car-crash kind — though that is a prevalent fear — but on the employment front.

“The magnitude of this problem is breathtaking,” he wrote. Citing government figures, he says that 4.1 million jobs (the stat of the day in our “Need to Know” column) are at risk, including chauffeurs and drivers of trucks, cabs and ride-share vehicles.

make-britain-great-againUKIP Youth Group Launches Trump-esque ‘Make Britain Great Again’ Hats

The youth wing of the UK Independence Party has launched Donald Trump-like ‘Make Britain Great Again’ hats at the party’s annual conference in Bournemouth this weekend.

The Make Britain Great Again caps – which will be on sale for £10 at the ‘Young Independence’ stall at the conference – are modelled on U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan that he in turn borrowed from President Bill Clinton, who himself borrowed it from President Ronald Reagan.

dry-leavesNova Scotia dry spell just a ‘dress rehearsal’

An Environment Canada climatologist is warning that a dry spell in Nova Scotia that has left some people without water is just a “dress rehearsal” for the kind of weather conditions Canada can expect in the years to come.

“These are little teasers, little dress rehearsals of what we’re going to be challenged with more in the future,” said David Phillips. “It’s not your grandparent’s weather anymore. It’s a new weather and it’s weird, wild and wacky.

pauline-hanson‘We’re swamped by Muslims’ Australian senator calls for immigrants to ‘go home’

Addressing the Senate in Canberra on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Hanson said Australia was “swamped by Muslims” and that the burka should be outlawed.

Her comments echoed her controversial 1996 speech in which she warned that Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”.

She said that speech remained relevant, but added: “Now Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.”

In her maiden speech, Ms Hanson said: “We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own.

riaz-khan-ahmadzaiGerman Jihad attacker: ‘Use an axe, not a knife. Now you will get into Heaven’

A series of terrifying text messages have been revealed showing exchanges between an ISIS agent and two fanatics as they carried out attacks in Germany.

The country was shaken this summer by two ISIS inspired attacks in a week in July – an axe rampage on a train and a suicide bombing near a music festival, both in northern Bavaria.

Chilling text exchanges now reveal how the extremists involved were in contact with ISIS until moments before their attacks. One was told to ‘trust in God’ while the other was promised he would ‘get to heaven’.

94716_donaldtrumptopPlanned Parenthood Activist Complains: If Donald Trump is President, He’ll Defund Planned Parenthood

Kathy Kneer is the president and CEO of California Planned Parenthood. It’s the biggest affiliate of the abortion corporation and does more abortions — and at taxpayer expense — that any Planned Parenthood affiliate.

“Overall, from a national perspective, our biggest concern is that if Donald Trump becomes president he would take action to defund our Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country,” Kneer says. “We will do everything we can to make sure that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States.”

Cool. Maybe they’ll move to Canada along with all other U.S. libtards. 😉

getty_091516_footballCanadian High School Football Team Welcomes 1st Transgender Player

A Canadian high school football team is welcoming its first transgender student player, who recently transferred after he said he felt unaccepted and lonely at his former school.

The new school, Halifax West High, gladly welcomed Kennedy Cooley which was a welcomed surprse. At his former school, the teen said he felt some of the student body “wasn’t very accepting of the LGBTQIA community.”